Some things Everyone needs

Food. Shelter. Clothes.

These three necessities will basically support a man’s life. The essence of these things could be greatly seen and observed every time. Yes, everybodu agrees that we all need food, shelter and clothes for us to live this life. But then, our life does not basically and completly depend on these material things. At the very beginning, we all know that no one could live a life only by themselves – that could take a journey of rise and falls without someone behind them. And do you have an idea of these shadows of people whom we need in climbing this mountain of life, in facing the  depths of seas and oceans, in fighting these horrible nightmares? Those who could be with us in times of troubles, in sharing happy thoughts and moments and in waiting a sunrise after every sunset – these people who could be you Gilgamesh, your Enkidu and your Ninsun? Yes, this is what I am going to share to you.

A Star’s shoulder

                “I can tell thee that this star shall be thy friend – a friend who will be true and loyal to the end; beside thee he will walk, an standing strong, forsaking even life when facing wrong; companion, friend and brother – all these three, my Gilgamesh, shall he become to thee.” – Ninsun to Gilgamesh (from The Meeting of Two Men).

Many people say that each of us could have a million of friends but not all could be true to you. Also, they say that it is really hard to distinguish a friend who will not stab you at the back from those who will. But wait, what is the basis of telling that a friend is being true to you? A friend must be someone’s love who serves as his motivating force in life.

In this epic, Ninsun enlightened her son in such a way that she told him that the star from his dreams won’t be a barrier but instead a friend who will end his sufferings. Later on, it was proven that Ninsun is right in saying those things. Enkidu came and entered the life of the King, became friends even they consider one another as enemies before who could ruin every decision and action they want to follow and do, respectively. Upon establishing a relationship between them, they could be considered as the present day ‘best buds/buddies’ who will not leave you not because they only need you but because you don’t deserve to be left.

Enkidu became  a good friend to Gilgamesh and vice versa.

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Friends are a person’s forever treasures. Photo from

We all know that a friend could change a man into someone who’s better or even worse. In the case if their friendship, each of them causes one another to change positively. The goodness and nobility in the hear of Enkidu prevailed through his friend. Also, his personality if being self-seeking person also faded as Gilgamesh nurtured him to become his better self. Through Enkidu, Gilgamesh became a better man, a better king, a better hero. They are equal yet they balance each other’s personality because first of all, it is one of the reasons of friendship, right? They both had their journey together. They shared every challenge and victory that life gave them.



The effect of their friendship was even intensified when Enkidu suffered from an illness imposed by the gods and goddesses. The heart of Gilgamesh was broken when his brother already met the darkest night of his life. To a friend, it is as painful as a wounded heart when your friend will surely leave you. Nothing could beat the pain of losing someone who is important. Enkidu became the star in the dreams of Gilgameh. The previous had given the latter his shoulder, as a friend whom everyone could hold on tightly when he does not know that to do.

Let me ask you, have you already met your Enkidu? Or are you stil looking for him? Look around you; maybe you have not noticed him as he once attempted to help you. He might be the one beside you, or the one you have talked to yesterday, or even the one who fought with you before. He might be the one of your colleagues or even of the people listed on your top-hated-people list. Everyone could be your Gilgamesh or Enkidu, regardless of race, gender, color or views in life.

Everytime I encounter people, I never judge them because no one knows that they could be the star in my lonely nights. I hope that everyone would not be left by their friends – those who will stay to shine in the blue skies and will not just fall as a falling star nor be a dead star.

A Fairy’s Love

Filial love.

No one could exist in this world without her. She, who carried me for 9 months, watched me for 2 years as I learn how to walk and say my first word and loved me for a lifetime. Some people say that she could be a teacher, a doctor, a guidance councelor and even an alarm clock – when you really need to wake up early. Do you know who she is? She is someone who is similar to Ninsun – a mother. Have you ever wonder why she could transform into a person who could do every single job? Read the first line above this paragraph, it is the reason.


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What’s filial love for? Just simple, it is for you to live because with its absence, your life would not be complete. Today, many people encounter serious problems which relate to their parents. Some children are abandoned, left in the streets while begging for some cents; some were not even given the chance to witness the world. I encounter people who suffer some conflicts similar to these nightmares. These problems are the things that some mothers should have been thought before. Also, these are the things that I should be thankful of not having not because other people experience it but because I do have a mother who is not just a mother, but also a fairy to six children.

One time I got sick, she immediately get a clothe soaked into a hot water, then applied hot compress to reduce my headache. She stays at my side no matter what happens. Every time she hears me shouting because of pain, she runs towards beside me to know what’s happening. She gave me my medicine tablets after serving to me my meals. She waits me until I fell asleep. She eases the pain that I experience. A medicine I consider, she is the most effective one.

On the other hand, my mom is like Ninsun, the mother of Gilgamesh. In this epic, she have shown what a mother should do. She is someone who guides and enlightens his son on his ideas and decisions. Once, Gilgamesh had encountered dreams about a star. Upon knowing about her son’s dreams, she helped him to understand what is it for. Ninsun have interpreted, in such a way, and cleaned the thoughts of her son. She told him that it is someone who’ll come into his life and will end the sufferings it provides. Ninsun, like any other mother, does everything for the sake of her son and do you know why? Again, read the first line stated before – filial love.

Not all experience the love of a parent to his/her child but everyone deserves to be a Gilgamesh having a Ninsun, a mother. If the King of Uruk has a Goddess known for her wisdom, I am thankful that I do also have Maria Teresa Divinaflor as my fairy.


I have shared to you my thoughts, my friend. Find your Enkidu or Gilgamesh and start building the foundation of a great friendship. Love your Ninsun more than the way she loves you. Take care of these people because they will fill every gap in your life thus making you a complete man; never waste them because regrets will make you realize that you need them at every point of your life.

Always remember that the basic necessities could sustain a life but life would not be a life without those people who will stay at your side and will feed your heart and soul. Food, shelter and clothes could give you a canvass of life but love – the love coming from our friends, families, Savior – will paint a colorful masterpiece on it.

A star’s shoulder. A fairy’s love.



Filial love – a parent’s love to his/her child

Enkidu – the friend of Gilgamesh who once wrestled with him before

Gilgamesh – king of Uruk; Builder King; two-thirds god, one-third man

Ninsun – the mother of Gilgamesh; the Goddess known for her wisdom

Friend – someone a person needs to make sorrows end (based from The Meeting of Two Men)



2 thoughts on “Some things Everyone needs

  1. gurugeri says:

    Thank you for this entry. i like it that you focused on two points–friendship and filial love. I am amazed with your style of writing, but I hope you will observe word economy :-). Some points can be conveyed using simple structure. However, I like how you broke down the parts (points) and defended them substantively. Keep it up and good luck on your next entry. 🙂

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