Vox in Papam

Are you there already, Boniface? Are you Benedetto Caetano?
Ah. No, you’re not. I thought you are.

I’m here because of what I have done. Having the life on Earth brought me to sins, to simony.

An Italian who never became a priest, until he became the Pope in 1277 (wikipedia.org, n.d).

In my two years, eight months and twenty-eight days of serving the catholic church as the Papa, I did a crime which broke the word of God. With that, some people say that it is good to be my brother. But why? Is it because I am giving them political power and land through some principalities in the Papal State? Well, that is the reason behind the height of the flame on my feet thus, I am considered as the chief sinner in these pits. But I am telling you. The worse sinners are not yet here in the crevices of inferno. Not only for Boniface but Clement V is worse, a more corrupt pope. I am telling you, young man.

Per viam, ego sum Giovanni Gaetano degli Orsini, et Nicolaus Papa tertui (By the way, I am Giovanni Gaetano degli Orsini, your Pope Nicholas III), suffering in the fires of inferno for the things I have done; and for the things I have failed to do.

Photo from https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f8/PopeNicholasIIICameo.jpg/220px-PopeNicholasIIICameo.jpg


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