Verses of the Painful Truth

I am here for a purpose
Not because of spite nor display.
I am here for the one that I love
Because we truly need each other. 

Am I no use at all?
I always ask myself.
But for her, maybe, I am not.
Because she is my rose, and I am her thorn.

Image result for rose with thorn
A lovely rose guarded by her brave lover. photo from


                To the person who’s reading this, I hope, you’re not the pilot nor the little prince whom I know. Not because you won’t understand me but because I really don’t want to seem too useless. I really don’t want to be that thing which inflicts pain upon people. I really don’t want to be the reason why every rose seem to be weak and naïve. I don’t want to be that thorn which people keep on removing whenever they buy a rose. But what could I do? I am just a thorn. I am only a thorn.


                For what use I am? To cause pain upon people? To be removed by the grown-ups? Am I too useless? No, I am not. For some, I might be no use at all. I might be too distracting. I might just destroy the beauty and fragrance of my rose. But I would like to tell you that I am here just to protect my rose. Wait, she’s not weak, for your information. She’s actually brave. But I am still at her side to guard her no matter what happen because for me, that’s the best thing to do and that’s what I could offer.

I am your guard, your protection.
My only purpose, my only reason.
I am not useless, I am telling you.
I might give them pain, but that’s the true.

                Yes, we could not forget the notion that I could bring pain to others. I don’t mind what other people might see or witness, as long as I do my part – and that is to show her that she is safe and protected. However, someone even asked me, “Is the rose worth your protection?” I told her that I wouldn’t be placed at my rose’s side if she’s not worth my care. I also told her that thorns are thorns. I might not be pleasing to the eyes of humans whenever I’m with my rose but I have purpose, I have the reason to stay, to live. I have a reason which others can’t see because they’re too blind. They only see the magnificence of the rose. They can’t see and yet not aware that there is a thorn which guards his lovely rose.

                Many people wonder why I’m always at the side of my rose. They say that the rose doesn’t need me in her life. The rose could still bloom despite of my absence. They keep on telling me that the rose could live without me. I don’t need her, they even told me. For them, we don’t actually deserve each other. But why do exist? I exist for a reason. I exist because of my rose and for her alone.

                I might just be a thorn but watch out, try to touch and get my rose, you’ll be in danger.

Such pain, such disturbance I bring
To people, to grown-ups, to sheep;
But I never thought that I, your thorn
Could fall in love with you, my rose.



2 thoughts on “Verses of the Painful Truth

  1. gurugeri says:

    Is this based on your life? I am feeling so much pain for–is it someone you’ve recently lost? 🙂 Anyway, there are a lot of things that are not meant to happen. Life’s like that. I hope you’re doing fine amid all this. 🙂


    1. Maybe, Sir 🙂 I was just inspired while writing this blog. But I know that all of these won’t let me down. I won’t, Sir. Yes, Sir, I am doing fine, life’s meant to be enjoyed even though their are things which make it hard. Thank you very much, Sir! 🙂


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